What Our Clients Say

Gentlemen and/or Ladies:

Several times during the past few months I have contacted your office for the purpose of locating reputable contractors who could perform exterior work on/around our residence. During each conversation your personnel were exceedingly helpful in providing names, telephone numbers and other pertinent information.

One referral was Mr. Chris Ahern, General Contractor, 7912 Glen Stone Avenue, Citrus Heights, California. He was subsequently hired and the contract was fulfilled recently. My husband and I are extremely pleased with the workmanship and the friendly, professional manner in which Mr. Ahern and his assistants accomplished the job. These craftsmen worked quickly, quietly, expertly-demonstrating their superior ability to do the job for which they were selected. It was a genuine pleasure to be associated with artisans of such high caliber.

I extend heartiest congratulations to Trade Guild for the invaluable screening and investigatory service you provide to the community. Knowing that the people you recommend have met punctilious requirements for reliability and performance is very reassuring. With sincere appreciation I wish you continued success.

Yours very truly,
Mrs. G. R. Frank
Sacramento Trades Guild
Roseville, California

Dear Chris:

On behalf of the Board of Christmas in April* Greater Sacramento, as well as its hundreds of committed volunteers, I want to thank you for your key contributions to our very successful 1994 program. We all realize the magnitude and importance of the role you and your fellow house captains undertook. Christmas in April would not be possible without your dedication and skills.

This year was our most ambitious ever in both the number and scope of our projects. Fourteen families, seven Sacramento Food Bank Homeless Haven locations, a battered women’s shelter, Woodbine Elementary School and Sacramento High School all benefited from the work of Christmas in April volunteers.

Each homeowner has renewed spirits as well as renewed surroundings, and the non-profit facilities are now able to better serve our neighborhoods. Perhaps most important is the common bond of community we have all helped build.

We are very grateful to you for sharing your time, energy and enthusiasm with Christmas in April* Greater Sacramento. Many thanks to your family, your friends and the businesses and organizations with which you associate for their support of your work.

You are the spirit of Christmas in April! Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Tim Lien, President

Dear Guild,

Some time ago I phoned in need of referrals for work that had to be done on my house. Of the many contractors I interviewed, I chose Chris Ahern to remodel the bathroom and repair various structural problems. In the end Chris went above and beyond to repair an interior wall that my husband I thrashed in an effort to remove old wallpaper. He also did what it took to make my new HVAC pass the final inspection (I couldn’t get any satisfaction from the contractor who installed it) and in general did a wonderful job. Even the city inspector was impressed. Not only does Chris do good work, but the subcontractors he chose are also good at what they do. I’d heard remodeling horror stories from friends and am glad to say Chris and his crew gave me none to recount.

I can’t recommend Chris’s work highly enough. That he did a good job in a remarkably short time speaks well for him. That he’s personable isn’t a requirement, but is a nice perk when someone is tearing your house apart and putting it back together. When there is more work that needs to be done on my house (And what old house doesn’t always need something?) I know I won’t have to interview anyone, I’ll just call Chris.

Deborah Bell Dancer
Sacramento Trades Guild
Roseville, CA

Dear Mr. Ahern:

The excellence with which you accomplished a home improvement project for us on 10 August is sincerely appreciated. You and your assistants performed in a fast, thorough, courteous manner and the teamwork that was displayed was enviable; the expertise…unsurpassed.

It has been a pleasure to associate with you, a gentleman who takes pride in your profession and who provides top quality service at an affordable price. Consequently, we will give you the highest recommendation possible at every opportunity.

We look forward to contacting you again when additional alterations/repairs/renovations are required.

Yours very truly,
Mrs. G. R. Frank


Just a note to express our appreciation for the work that you did for us. Feel free to use us as a reference when the need arises. We will be calling you in the future for further home improvement projects. Thank you for the superior job.

Chris and Ron Musser
Riverpark Sewing Machine and Vacuum services
Sacramento, CA


Thanks for a great job! We’ll certainly recommend you heartily to anyone needing a contractor.

Kay & Bob Jones

Ahern Construction 2012